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Islands første sorte beboer

COPENHAGEN — Long after his death, Hans Jonathan has, at last, gotten some attention. He is the subject of a well-received biography and a groundbreaking genetic study, and is something of a celebrity in Iceland, where he is thought to have been the first black person.

But in Denmark, where Hans Jonathan (he had no surname) was a slave, fought in a war, lost a noted case on slavery, and escaped bondage by fleeing to Iceland, his extraordinary story has not drawn much interest.

Hvorfor er Afrika fattigt når det er rigt på naturressourcer

How is it that Africa is so rich in resources and yet so poor? The question is often asked as much by Africans interested in altering the continent’s fortunes as by those intent on blaming Africans alone for the paradox.

We write about this ‘blame Africans’ issue from time to time, either directly or indirectly, as do many others. It’s simply easier for people to blame it all on Africans because that absolves everyone else of any responsibility.

Hvad er symptomerne på nældefeber?

Nældefeber er kløende, blegt eller rødt udslæt på huden. Det typiske udslæt ligner det udslæt, man får, efter man har brændt sig på en brændenælde (heraf den latinske betegnelse for nældefeber – urtica – der betyder nælde på latin). I sjældnere tilfælde opstår der en reaktion dybere i hudens lag, specielt i områder omkring øjenene, kønsorganerne, læberne, munden, tungen eller svælget. Dette kalder man for angioødem (eller Quincke ødem).

Source: Nældefeber (Urticaria)

 Hvornår er det billigst at købe sin flybillet? 

Travel booking site recently revealed the results of its 2018 Airfare study, a study where it looked at 917 million different flights listed on its site to determine where the perfect time to buy is. The results are pretty interesting.

The big question: How far in advance should you buy?

Everyone knows a last-minute plane ticket is probably expensive, but how far in advance do you need to purchase a ticket is a little less known.

Source: The Best Time to Buy Flights, Based on 917 Million Airfares